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06At Tyler Munroe Landscape Contractor Inc. we have an experienced staff and own all of  our own equipment. Flexibility is key – we are capable of installation with or without a print depending on the client’s preferences.

Specializing in but not limited to:

• Landscape renovations
• Lawn installation
• Tree shrub installation
• Brick walls
• Walls, walks, and all aspects of hard scape

We pride ourselves in being able to complete the whole job from start to finish so the client does not have to worry about dealing with several contractors.

For a great landscape site preparation is always the first step. At Tyler Munroe Landscape Contractor Inc.we own all of our own equipment performing site preparation with ease. We have the capabilities to prepare any site for landscaping including the following:

• Tree Removal
• Leveling
• Filling
• Drainage
• Stump Removal

Drainage construction is an investment that adds value to your home and prevents potential water damage. Geographically the Northeast is prone to unpredictable weather creating water issues. Damage from flooding is expensive impacting flooring, furniture and more.

Save yourself the aggravation of clean up and restoration after water damage with our drainage systems. Make your comfortable home stay water-free for years to come with Tyler Munroe Landscape Contractor Inc.

Tyler Munroe Landscape Contractor Inc. can handle any size excavation project with ease. We own all the necessary equipment cutting costs for you on rentals and perform all work in-house. This ensures professional and quality results.

Oftentimes landscape jobs begin with excavation paving the way for beautiful landscaping.

06At Tyler Munroe Landscape Contractor Inc. grading is our forte. We own our own Grading Dozer to assure proper grades in the landscape.

Correct grading ensures proper drainage in landscapes and gives lawns a beautiful golf course like appearance.


 Hydroseeding is a revolutionary breakthrough in the landscaping and construction industry. Today it is known as the most efficient and successful method of establishing lawns.

For residential, commercial, municipal or industrial hydroseeding is a great choice because of it’s economical price and great results. The hydroseeding method provides seedlings with an optimal germinating environment. This is achieved by mixing seed and fertilizer and then spraying it on prepared soil. We ensure an even distribution of seed that will be shielded from environmental disruptions and maximizes the water retention.

The amount of and quality of the seed used makes our hydroseeding the best. Exceptional results are achieved by using 8-10 lbs. of seed per 100 sq. feet of lawn area, the highest quality blended seeds, and the highest estimated germination rates in the industry.

High quality starter fertilizer is used with our seeding which is is essential to the seeds germination and initial establishment of roots.

We use higher quality wood mulch as a major percentage of our mulch when seeding. This is much more effective than paper mulch. Tackifier is used in our mulch which glues the seed and mulch to the ground, eliminating erosion and seed puddling during rain and watering.

 For Spring and Summer seeding, we are one of the few companies to use a pre-emergent crabgrass control called Tupersan. This product is one which prevents crabgrass growth, but lets the grass grow. This is crucial in Spring and Summer seeding.

From June 1 to September 1, we use a super-absorbent polymer with our seeding. These new products allow the soil to absorb from the air and ground 250 times its weight in water, even when there is little or no rain. The addition of these products, allows the seed to germinate twice as quickly even in the driest of weather. 

Hydroseeding has many advantages over traditional hand seeding or sodding. The reason is because of its unique ability to provide the fragile seedlings with the optimum germinating environment, resulting in maximum germination. This is achieved by protecting the seedlings from environmental disruptions and by providing the highest water retention possible, which only hydroseed can do.

• Protection from scorching sun which can dry, crack, and kill seeds
• Protection from birds by holding seeds in a protective mat
• Protection from wind and rain which can disturb seeds when handseeding
• Ensures an even spread and germination of seeds
• Increases water retention by shielding soil from direct sunlight
• Reduces germination time by pre-soaking seeds
• Releases nutrients right away (water soluble fertilizer
• Guarantees seed to soil contact maximizing germination
• Reduces soil preparation labor and eliminates seeding labor
• Costs only a fraction of sodding
• Unlike sodding, should you have any problems, they are easily remedied with spot seeding Sodding is transplanting, hyrdoseeding is germinating seed in its permanent environment which reduces complication
• Hydromulch decomposes into healthy organic matter for your new lawn


At Tyler Munroe Landscape Contractor Inc. we make lawn care easy.

All of the existing sod, weeds and other growth will be cut off with a sod cutter which removes the growth, but leaves the topsoil. Two inches of high quality screened loam will be added to the lawn and hand-graded to assure a flowing grade and no puddles. Lime will be added at a rate of 50 lbs. per 1000 sq. feet. Lime is necessary to assure proper P.H. level, which is essential to the well-being of a newly planted lawn. The entire lawn area will be hydroseeded using a high quality seed and starter fertilizer.
A rough grade will be established using our bulldozer. This is essential before the installation of the screened loam to make sure all of the drainage is flowing away from the house properly and the rough grade is low enough, so that when loam is installed it matches the grade of the walks and driveways.
High quality screened loam will be installed 4″ – 5″ thick and machine graded.
Lime will be added at a rate of 50 lbs. per 1000 sq. feet. Lime is necessary to assure a proper P.H. level, which is essential to the well-being of a newly planted lawn.
The loam will then be machine graded and then fine hand graded to assure a puddle free environment.
The entire area will then be hydroseeded with a high quality seed and starter fertilizer.

mulchblowinMulch Blowing is the most effective way to apply bark mulch or soil amendments. This technique avoids installation problems by reaching difficult to reach places and leaving a refined finished look that is unattainable by any other method of application.

With Tyler Munroe Landscape Contractor Inc. we provide fast installation, scheduled when you need it. Less disruption and inconvenience will be experienced for the homeowner, tenants, businesses or customers.

We make your yard look great. Mulch blowing eliminates unsightly piles of material waiting to be spread, no property damage trying to dump closer, no stains from piles of material. The area of application looks fresh and neat, and visually pleasing.

Bark Mulch is simply a natural product from the forest. Mulch controls weeds without herbicides, naturally decomposes to enrich soil and reduces soil erosion. If bark mulch is applied semi-annually with just 1 inch of bark mulch to spruce up gardens, the cost is easily 1/3 the cost of regular installation. Plus you get that look of newness and freshness year round.

Keep plants strong and healthy. Mulch blowing eliminates most compaction of the ground and damage to plants caused by wheelbarrows, equipment, and personnel. Better water penetration, better water retention, and less fluctuation of temperature in extreme weather; these attribute to healthier plants and lower plant replacement costs.

Lower maintenance costs with bark mulch. Mulch blowing makes properties more attractive by simplifying the annual budget. Have the Mulch applied in smaller amounts twice a year instead a one-time application. This will enhance the appearance of the property over a longer period of time, and facilitate your budgeting schedule. Home owners: Have us do the heavy work. You don’t have to worry about your back.


We are fully licensed and offer a conditional one-year guarantee on all plant material we install.

On-site inspection of your property by our landscape architect.
Complete blueprint combining your ideas with our professional knowledge.
Detailed proposal with project budget.

Our Design. Your Needs.

By working closely with the property owner we achieve their goal of a professionally landscaped site.  The use of proper plant materials not only makes your home look beautiful, but also adds to the resale value.

Design with Purpose

The landscape should compliment and enhance the architectural style of your home. Great landscaping not only adds to aesthetics, but also to your property value. Through the professional design and use of proper plant materials your outdoor living spaces will become more functional. 

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