We perform superior and professional masonry work making your yard look its best. We make the entire process simple and easy. Quality masonry work will give your yard a finished touched and is a great starting point for a new landscaping project.

05Stonewalls are perfect for retention purposes. A stonewall is stronger than other methods more commonly used such as railroad ties and block walls, and best of all they won’t rot. A natural stonewall not only functions great, but it also looks beautiful with a security that will last a lifetime.

Our Masonry Installation Procedures:
• Walls and Stairs
• Locate and mark location(s)
• Excavate out wall location(s). Excavation will extend 3 feet past the marked • location to allow for crushed stone backfilling
• Excavate out a 10-12 inch footing for wall and backfill with 3/4″ crushed stone
• Construct wall(s), stair(s) and cap(s)
• Backfill wall to a height of 8-inches below the top of the wall with 3/4″ cruched stone for drainage. Pipe and silt fabric will be used where necessary
Cover stone with silt fabric. Install a finish coat of screened loam 8-inches deep and mulch area.

21A walkway should not only leads you from your door to your driveway, it should also compliment your home. For a beautiful walking the colors and textures are very important.
Most people think the outdoor stairs are limited to wood or concrete; this is not so! At Tyler Munroe Landscape Contractor Inc. we offer alternatives such as stone steps, using Pennsylvania fieldstone with the tread stock of your choice, or for a more simple look, we have granite steps. Both are beautiful and effective, which will ensure that you will enjoy using them.

Our Masonry Installation Procedures:
• Walkways & Patios
• Locate and mark location(s)
• Excavate out location(s) to a depth of 10-inches and one foot wider than marked
• Install 3/4″ cruched base and compact
• Install brick pavers
• Install plastic retaining edge
• Grout brick with a special mix to prevent shifting and weed growth

10Patios are a very important part of your outdoor environment. To have enough room for the family (and your friends, of course!) to relax and enjoy is pertinent. The design of your patio should blend well with your existing surroundings and provide ample room for all to move about comfortably. For those who are looking for something different, we also offer brick driveways. Not only does it tie your landscape together, but it looks great too.

Our Masonry Installation Procedures include:
• Walkways & Patios
• Locate and mark location(s)
• Excavate out location(s) to a depth of 10-inches and one foot wider than marked
• Install 3/4″ cruched base and compact
• Install brick pavers
• Install plastic retaining edge
• Grout brick with a special mix to prevent shifting and weed growth

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